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The uniquely inviting warmth of Weddings Isla Mujeres is in large part a result of the chemistry created by its owners. The sister team of María and Kin has found the perfect fusion of old-world mexican charm and the rich tradition of Isla Mujeres to create what has become one of the regions most inviting beach wedding locations.

Raised on Isla Mujeres, María and Kin grew up working as managers in their family´s hotel and restaurant, which helped prepare them for the journey that led to opening of their own hotel and their wedding coordinator business. As one of the island´s original families and owners of five island hotels, one of them open for already 37 years, the sisters have over 15 years of experience.

Their attention to details is immediately evident in the meticulously decorated beach weddings, and even the beautiful dinner set-ups utilized in their events. "We feel like we´ve really captured the true essence of Isla Mujeres in our businesses", says María. "It´s not something that happens overnight. It happens over time with years of experience", Kin adds.

María and Kin have passion for entertaining that has harnessed into sheer artistry. They fuse their vast experience with events with the flavors and textures of the region to create the innovative Mexican beach wedding that has already made Isla Mujeres a hot spor for both wedding couples and hotel guests alike.

Sección Rocas, Lote 9 y 10, Hotel Playa La Media Luna, Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo, México, CP 77400.
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